Saturday, December 6, 2008

Yay! For A First Post!

This blog will be about what I eat think, feel and, pretty much what gets me out of the bed in the morning. Hopefully I can do some growing and healing every day.

About me: I am very RANDOM,versatile, I have a tendency to get anxious at times and need a chance to get out and travel. I am imaginative, high energy, a deep thinker, restless, extreme,impatient, easily bored with a routine, I love meeting new people, and setting high standards for myself!!!! Be afraid... Be very afraid. boo haha (creepy laugh)


Nurit "1 family. friendly. food." said...

Good luck with your blog! Most of all, enjoy it!

Betherann said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Hooping is quite you hoop, too?

Protein Girl said...

Hi Whit,
First of all, thank you so much for the comment on my blog! I wish I had more energy to post what I want to-but I am usually too beat to physically type it out. I try to be as honest as possible, but keep way to much to myself.

It's funny you should ask about my 'cancer packet' or sweet/low addiction. In the same vein of 'keeping my thoughts to myself' I also DO NOT post about how many I use a day. Not remotely close. I use about 4 in EVERY tea. I use about 8 with dinner (in my mustard) but most of all in my bran creations. I do worry sometimes, and I should probably worry more. It's funny how the body adjusts to the level of sweetness...SPLENDA does nothing for me! I also live off of Crystal Light, Sugar Free Syrups on everything.... I luckily don't drink as much diet pop anymore. I am trying to be conscious and slowly cut the amount I use! Are you planning to cut back on the diet coke?

Janetha said...

welcome to blog land. to answer your Q, vanilla EAS is good but my favorite vanilla protein powder is teras whey!

Protein Girl said...

Hi Whit! Thanks for the comment! I have no idea how to contact you, so I hope you get this! I am ashamed to say that the Bullet Express is STILL in the box! I got it as a gift and wanted it so bad that now I am afraid of using it and wrecking it! I love the magic bullet. The single shot is identical, but only comes with 1 mug versus the 17peice set. Ninja is ALSO in the box, BUT I know so many people that love it and it hasn't gotten one bad review. It has duel knives- one up top and on the bottom.
Fave Proteins! Depends what I'm using them for!!! I did a post on this awhile ago but definitely my favorite ISOLATES are:
1. Biox Power Whey Isolate- ALL flavors! Alkyline, creamy with water, 92% pure isolate. I've never had a creamy isolate and the flavors are incredible (choc pc, cookies and cream, chocolate, strawberry banana, vanilla).
2.Isosensations 93- chocolate fudge and cafe brazil
3.Allmax Isoflex/ Pro Isl from strive.
Time release proteins, or ones I eat as pudding:
1.Dymatize 12hr elite in vanilla or chocolate

For a concentrate blend Whey sensations 81 (isosensations 93 lesser cousin) are pretty good- even the peach.
Progressive's Harmonized Protein is hormone/chemical/growth hormone free and has a great texture to bake muffins with!
Hope that helps!

Protein Girl said...

Hello! Of course I replied to your post:) Question, why aren't you blogging? This blog only has 1 post?? You should start again!
I know my recipes have no 'measurements' most of the time, because I just throw them together. I've been doing it for so long, that I just 'eyeball' it. I will try to be more vigilant and atleast give approximations!
Have a great day!

Genesis said...

Welcome to the blog world! Looking forward to RANDOM posts. Random is what I do best too :)

tea-bag said...

random posts are the most interesting! keep us guessing!

Marie F. said...

Hi its Marie from

thanks so much for your question. I actually use a professional grade nutritional analysis program that many of my RD colleagues use as well. I am pretty confident that the nutrition facts are accurate.

hope you are enjoying my blog :)